Kande Bonfim
Front-end Developer and Open Data enthusiast
I'm a full-time developer at Startaê where I have the pleasure of working with some great people building complex digital products, consulting on client-side architecture and exploring the applications of Business Analytics in our products.
I’m passionate about Machine Learning and have dedicated myself to deepen my knowledge on neural networks joining the Deep Learning Nanodegree Program on Udacity in addition to other courses in the Data Science field.
Here you’ll find the tip of the iceberg of what I do and some links you may find uselful.
I crunched the data from every episode of Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster
There’s a new show on Netflix called Ultimate Beastmaster. It’s basically a clone of American Ninja Warrior: Strong people running through crazy hard obstacle courses. I decided to dive in and give the show the full data science treatment. Here we go.
Improve your development workflow using HTML preprocessors
Being a developer means to work with tons of files every day. Have you ever asked yourself how to improve your workflow? Preprocessors can be the answer to that question. Ready?
Por que eu não faço faculdade?
O que fez um jovem de 18 anos que queria ser universitário mudar de ideia sobre educação e as atuais instituições de ensino.
Open Source
Simple demos of your applications' terminal commands
CLI interactions are confusing to understand at first sight because the commands are mixed with the application response. It's very important to be didactic to your users and Show your terms! can help you with that!
Manage your ITCSS structure from command line
Create ITCSS modules, install inuitcss files independently and import it all into your sass base file automatically without breaking your workflow abruptly.
A quick overview into your ITCSS structure
A great problem of ITCSS structures it is the big pile of files it becomes over time. itcsscli's documentation makes much more easy showing your project's big picture to a new frontend developer or even refactoring your CSS architecture.
This website is open source too!
Feel free to fork it on github and use it as your personal website. No hard feelings!